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2018/4/4 14:32:39
The use of personal information
This document describes the Zonjo by policy, company on the information obtained, when you visit this website. The amount and content of the reavailable information depends on how you use the site. The site provides links to other websites. The validity of this statement is limited to this website. Therefore, for your own benefit, we suggest that you read the similar statements of other websites carefully.

The general use of Web sites
In general website, we will intercept the following information: the name of your Internet service provider, you link to the website, you visit the page, and the date and time of the visit. We collect this information and make statistics to improve the effectiveness of customer access. During normal browsing, we do not collect or store personal data, such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.
Personal data collection
For example, retransmission need to browse in personal information to provide services for the audience or information (such as promotions or brochures). The purpose of collecting such information, such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, request type and other similar information, is to allow replay to finish your browsing request. If you ask for this kind of information not to be used in the future retransmission, we will also respect your request. All the information you provide will be used to improve the service provided to you and will not be sent to other companies alone.

E-mail containing personal information
Internet users can decide whether the personal data re transmission, for example, about to send your own products or services. Retransmission regenerated only uses this information for customer validation and determines how to respond. We don't use information except requirements. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy. The revised privacy policy applies only to the data collected after the effective date. Any changes will be published ten days before the effective date.




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