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Corporate Vision: Road to the world, the world is the public The road to Zonjo, access to the world
        Confucius said: "The line of the road is also, the world is public", which means establishing a unified country with the same idea. Re-crossing the road of industrial chain development, we strive to build a "high-quality, low-cost, high-efficiency" industrial operation standard system, and focus on re-building brand image, and strive to become the industry leader. The road to re-crossing, access to the world: re-transmission as an integrated service provider of road industry franchising, is committed to the construction of four roads, so that the road to reunification is everywhere, providing people with safe, comfortable and convenient travel routes In the end, it will realize the good wishes of "re-crossing the road and reaching the world".

Corporate Mission: To build a beautiful life
        The company has taken the lead in putting forward the development strategy concept of “integrated service providers for road industry franchising” and built a complete franchise service system. While seeking to become bigger and stronger, it actively seeks for companies, governments, customers, and communities. The harmonious and win-win situation, with a firm sense of mission to help the rapid development of corporate brand.

Entrepreneurial spirit: Deliberately pursue passion and hard work
        The teams with clear understanding, strong will, and down-to-earth teams can truly carry on their missions and enhance their executive power. Teams with passion, perseverance, and strenuous efforts can overcome difficulties and achieve outstanding performance; forge ahead, resist risks and be courageous An innovative team can drive the company forward. It is this spirit of deliberation, passion, and pioneering and innovative spirit that has formed a unique corporate reunion, created a loyal company, passionate people, and achieved a glorious corporate journey, and will greet even more. glorious future.

Talent concept: Selection of talent and ability
        Talented people, honesty, integrity and integrity. Re-commitment is committed to creating a broad platform that allows employees to give full play to their talents and creativity, and strive to create an atmosphere of equality, fairness, proactiveness and harmony in the talent competition.
        Compared with pure academic qualifications, the company pays more attention to employees' potential, quality and team collaboration and development. People who are honest, trustworthy, and brave enough to take responsibility, appreciate the people who are fighting for their ideals, and hope that each employee can truly love the work, work, and enjoy the work from the heart and become the master of the work.
        In the mechanism for cultivating talents for reinterleaving, the company innovatively puts the "triple nature" of pavement materials - "plasticity", "resilience", and "stability" as the quality requirements for employees. Emphasizing a good re-employee should have the potential to develop on the basis of the original ability, that is, plasticity; the spirit of perseverance in tough situations, that is, toughness; and the maintenance of professional skills, management and personal qualities is always excellent, that is, stability. It is precisely this "three-character" quality requirement that lays the foundation for retransmission of corporate culture and opens up the breadth and breadth of the road to retransmission.



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